GTA 5 wallpapers

GTA 5 wallpapers Beach Weather

GTA returns to Los Santos


There are many ways of enjoying GTA V other than the game itself: original soundtrack, trailers, maps, merchandising... and, why not, wallpapers.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 beach wallpaper exudes Rockstar essence: a stunning beauty makes the victory sign while taking a photo with a latest-generation cell phone.

There will be those who like it and those who find it vulgar, but you cannot deny the wallpaper's artistic quality and its ironic sense of humor. To get something more "serious," download the Pest Control wallpaper.

GTA 5 wallpapers


GTA 5 wallpapers Beach Weather

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  • by Anonymous

    GTA 5 is sick because you can kill people on there.
    It is so sick I love it it is a amazing game the best game i...   More